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No matter how many civilizations we have, there remains the civilization of humanity always and forever. We all know that each of us have daily missions carried out, but our biggest help is to those who are in need of it.

We know that the future is made up of deeds not just word, and if we were honest with ourselves, we would have to acknowledge that we are condemned to our responsibilities in reality, such that looking forward to a bright future through a promising generation capable of change and defying odds in the area of globalization. Thus, child care is embedded through humanitarian attention represented by financial as well as moral support.

Healing children of the world and alleviating their physical and emotional sufferings cannot be made by one man, but this requires concerted efforts of many, and so we share a common goal.

Words of wisdom we have set before you, words truly come out of our hearts, and we want to touch yours so as to build stronger bonds and communication methods to increase the process of tender achievements.

Come together to share their dreams and turn them into reality which open the doors of optimism and hope for a better tomorrow and a bright future. Let us help and encourage them to love life and cling to it.

Come together to fight their fears and worries and help them face their fate and destiny that lurks every moment of their lives and threatens their lean and sick bodies. Together we can form a strong barrier to stop the tragedy of our children’s sickness and destitution, so that nothing can damage their bodies and souls.

Come together lessen their social sufferings and reimburse for their deprivation of what is called a family, and guarantee them days within a family capable to provide them with stability and warmth. Moreover, let’s join hands and spread love and compassion to those in need, so they grow in a healthy environment capable to provide them with social and psychological balance.

Only via your oral and financial support, we can bridge the gap between their bright dreams and painful realities. And only through your aid, we can write a happy ending for their sufferings. Thus don’t hesitate to make a donation for Ayach Al Tofoula because unity is strength for the benefit of our most precious children.

Children are young teachers whom are driven by the essence of existence to our world. Sometimes we dare to think that they are living because of us, but the truth is, we are living because of them. They give more than they take; they paint our lives with colors and hope, joy and optimism.

Their dreams are neither illusion, nor their fears are fantasies. They are from the heart of reality and suffering. Life wasn’t so fair to some; it either deprived from their right to have a consistent family, or a good health or a decent living just like any other child leading an adequate life. Besides, sometimes we try to avoid their questions, hide from their tears and pains. Thus, we laugh to make them overlook the bitterness of life escaping to what we think is an alternative bogus world of happiness, safety and stability.

May God embrace us and let us turn our dreams into reality…

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